The College of Political Sciences was established in 2003. It consists of two departments:  

Department of Political Sciences (DPS). 

Department of Politics & International Relations (DPIR)

Since its establishment, 500 students have graduated, earning degrees of Bachelor in Political Sciences in addition to tens of postgraduate awards. Currently, it has 335 undergraduate students, and 18 postgraduate students.

Mission of College

The College of Political Sciences and International Relations purpose to provide best education to their students in various fields of (Political Sciences and International Relations). The main aims of the college are:

- Develop qualified and talented candidates in the (Political Sciences and International Relations).

- Producing competent candidates with high level of knowledge about (Political Sciences and International Relations), which have the special knowledge and the ability to Participating in enlightening society and the management of state affairs. 

- Prepare researchers and encourage scientific researches in various areas of (Political Sciences and International Relations).

- Preparation of specialists in the space of civil society and non-governmental organizations Community the Kurdistan Region.

Vision of the College

The core aim of the college of Political Sciences is producing specialized cadres and developing their capabilities in various fields of (Political Sciences and International Relations). Additionally, it is aimed to develop the student's capacities in way that they can participate in the political sphere, International Relations and administrative affairs. The college tries to produce qualified graduates to work in the universities, government and non-government organizations.