// Politics and International Relations


The department of Politics and International Relations at the University of Sulaimani was established in 2016. Our department is invested in high-quality teaching, and we are proud about our friendly and informal approach. Our staff are active researchers with diverse interests. Politics and International Relations BA equips students to understand the comparative dimensions of politics at the local, regional, national, and international levels.

Department Vision:

Developing qualified and talented candidates in the (Political Sciences and International Relations), to go beyond its reputation as the leader in contemporary studies of Political Science in Iraq to both regionally and globally recognized Political Science Department.

Department Mission:

The Department of Politics and International Relations provides all-encompassing courses and high quality teaching and research to our students. The first year is foundational in which the basics of English language are taught, plus a few politics modules, and then, in the later stages, we study models in the comprehensive and precise specialization in the field of politics and international relations.

Learning Outcomes:

This degree will give you a comprehensive view of the interlinking disciplines of politics and international relations. You will achieve a firm understanding of governmental and political thoughts, empirical and theoretical approaches to international relations, and how multiple levels of political governance – national, regional, and international interact in the world.

Study Methods:

The study methods are carried out in the form of formal lectures and seminars. The seminars are designed to generate informed discussion around set topics and involve students’ presentations; group exercises as well as open discussions. DPIR implements the Bologna process system of learning in 2020.


All courses are studied and taught in the English language.


This department’s study duration is 4 Academic years of full-time study.